We stock the full range of Enrich garden and landscaping products. These products will help you create a sustainable environmentally friendly space to enjoy and to grow your own fruit and vegetables.

We stock the Enrich range of compost, top-soil, bark and specialist soil blends. Enrich quality horticultural products are specified by many leading landscape architects and a favourite with gardeners. These products come in 1 and 2 cubic metre bags. We can advise you about the quantity and the coverage you will require for your project.


is now certified organic. This peat free organic mixture is finely screened to create a finished product rich in essential nutrients and organic matter. This is ideal for anyone starting to Grow it Yourself.


This is a quality topsoil alternative. Progrow is made by combining a blend of soil, Enrich compost and grit. It is rich in essential nutrients and provides excellent drainage. Progrow is easy to dig and spread and is finely screened to remove any clumps. It is perfect for raised beds and planters and the grow your own enthusiast.


A blend of soil and enriched compost. This provides a slow release fertiliser which provides a slow release nutrition for the soil reducing the need for maure or compost. This is peat free and finely screened and ideal for all your gardening and landscaping needs.


This premium grade fine bark is ideal for all your garden needs, It is manufactured from 100% natural bark. It can be used as an ideal protective cover keeping moisuture in your plants, protecting the roots from frost and keeping weeds at bay.

Enrich is a leading manufacturer of peat-free horticultural products. Sustainability is the key driver of all Enrich activities